how to get chegg answers for free

How to Get Chegg Answers for Free in a Smart Way

Students often wonder how to get Chegg answers for free. You see, the world has evolved to a new state. After all, we are always growing and developing. The world of education is experiencing the same – in this modern era, the online solution has also become an alternative. They are always trying to get the answers for their problems through the online system – through Chegg. The site does offer some great benefits although be ready to deal with the downsides too

About Chegg

So, what is Chegg, after all? Chegg is an online educational site that helps students with their subjects – no matter what they are studying. The site provides book purchase or book rental for their members. They also provide remote consultation and tutoring. You see, there are a lot of professional tutors that are willing to help you. Let’s say that you are studying physics and you have problems with the homework. Just type in your question on the site and you will get the answer from the tutor – of course, you need to be their member first.

There is no free service on this site. It’s because the platform basically provides a place for freelancers or tutors looking for a side job to earn extra money through it. If they provide free access, then how are they going to pay for these tutors? Renting books is charged too because the site wants to make sure that everyone truly gain benefits from the platform – and they aren’t using it for a granted. So, how to get Chegg answers for free? Well, your subscription fee covers every service available on this site, which technically means that you won’t have to pay more to ask questions and get legit answers.

Free Access – Is It Possible?

Although it is clear that the site doesn’t offer free service, there are actually some ways where students can enjoy the service without paying a dime. The first way is to consult your search engine. If you want to have a free service, why don’t you try the search engine first? It doesn’t hurt to type it in Google or Bing or Yahoo, and see how it works. If you are lucky, you can get the answer (or even some possible alternative answers) from users who have done it before. Try it first and try to be creative with your questions. Who knows? Maybe you are lucky and you can get the answers without having to use Chegg.

The second one is to make use of Chegg’s free trial period. Yes, they do provide a month’s free trial – giving you 28 days to get all your questions answered correctly. However, during this period, you can only access the online book viewing, accessing the Q/A database and sections, or asking for help from the tutors. If you want to rent books, you will have to spend some money. If you want to buy one, you still need to pay too.

In the end, Chegg is a handy online educational site that can help you with your study. But make sure that you understand the benefits. And if you want to know how to get Chegg answers for free, well, you need to become members first.

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