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How to See Chegg Answers Free – the Alternative Options

Want to know how to see Chegg answers free? If you are a student, you may feel that it is crucial to get the right answers to the subject that you are studying on. Students today are facing the challenges of a more complex and difficult study subjects. And to make it worse, they may have to face the independent study – which means that they need to figure it out all by themselves. That’s why Chegg is designed to help them.

Understanding Chegg

This is a site designed as a one-stop-spot for students where they can study, get tutoring help, rent books, and even buy books. When it comes to tutoring, the site is basically just the same as the regular tutoring – the only difference is that it is happening online. But the principle is just the same: you get the help from professional tutor who will explain your problems. Can you ask questions? Yes, and then they will answer you. Can these tutors help you with your study? Yes, definitely. But here’s the catch with this platform: it isn’t free.

The reason why the site doesn’t offer a free service is because the money will be used to pay the part-time consultants and tutors contributing their service to the platform. The tutors take part in the platform with the hope to get extra money. Some people even use the platform as their main source of income. And everyone is expected to have a win-win solution without hurting anyone: the tutor can get money from providing their service and help, while the users (of the site) can get the assistance with the exchange of their money. This is the best win-win solution where no one will get hurt.

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Possible Options

So, does it mean that knowing how to see Chegg answers free isn’t possible? Well, not necessarily. You can still access the free answer although you may not get it from the site. The first alternative is to visit this link to get the answer. In this site, you can get free stuff (like gift cards, discount stuff, etc) as well as getting free solutions. They even have active subscription of Chegg. In the event that you have questions, you can fill in the form and ask. Or you can type in the comments within the section. Reaching out to them through Facebook page is also possible. In case you don’t get the answer right away, you can also leave your email address so the team can still help you by sending the right answer there.

Another possible way is to check other alternative sites that are providing the service. Sites like, StudyLib, Slader, CourseEagle, Sparknotes, or PaperHelp can lend a hand. The principles are like Chegg, but there are some free services that you can access easily without fuss or drama.

In the end, don’t expect free service from Chegg. But you can expect lower price through their membership and subscription. So, if you want to know how to see Chegg answers free, you simply try the methods above and see how they work for you.

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