How to Check if Phone Is Unlocked with IMEI

how to check if phone is unlocked with imei

Do you know how to check if phone is unlocked with IMEI? If you have a cellphone or a smartphone, you know that IMEI is the ‘ID’ of the phone. Just like your ID that provides the detail of your identification, the IMEI can also provide the detailed info of the mobile device, including whether the phone has been locked or unlocked.

IMEI and the Functions

There are actually tons of information that you can get from your phone’s IMEI. They are:

  • You can learn about the device’s original country and network
  • You can learn about the purchase’s warranty info date
  • You can learn about carrier info, device specs, system version, and others
  • You can also use the number when you want to send out the phone for service – it is usually done to fill in the warranty forms.
  • You also need the number when you want to report a lost or stolen phone to the network operator or to the police. If you do this, you can block the phone so it will be unusable – no matter what kind of SIM card is being used.

And when should you check the IMEI? You need to check the number when you buy a new device or a used one. By doing this, you can learn whether the device is original and valid. You can also check is the specs are consistent to the ones written on the selling offer.

If you consult some of the free IMEI services, you can even have the advanced services, depending on the manufacturers, though. You can gain access to the phone’s Unlocking Simlock, Warranty Checks, Carrier Check, Phone Blacklist and the Blacklist Status, Simlock and Network checks, Seller Info, iCloud Status, and Find My iPhone Status.

Online IMEI Checker

There are several services that would provide the so-called IMEI checker. It helps you provide the detailed info concerning your phone. Most of the services is based on world’s biggest TAC (Type Approval Code) database, delivering the feature to check the IMEI. Some of those services are generally easy to use and they are free. If you are using their Serial Number and IMEI features so you can check the carrier info, purchasing date, blacklist status, warranty date, and even the info whether the phone is locked or unlocked.

Steps to Check the IMEI

So, how to check if phone is unlocked with IMEI? No need to worry or to fuss. Here are some of the steps to do on your own:

  • Go to one of the websites of services that provide IMEI checking for free
  • Press *#06# so you can check the IMEI of your phone
  • Once the IMEI is displayed on the screen, you can enter them to the website. They usually have a specific field or slot where you can type in the numbers
  • Voila! Your information will be presented right away.

As you can see, the process isn’t difficult at all. And you can unravel all the benefits of the IMEI info. Now that you already know how to check if phone is unlocked with IMEI, you can do it on your own.

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