How to Download Youtube Videos to mp3 without Complication

how to download youtube videos to mp3

Why would you know how to download Youtube videos to mp3 format? Well, everyone knows that Youtube can be a handy and useful source of information. Watching the videos is fun but what if you want to stay tune for the information while on the go? It’s not like you can carry your tablet or laptop around and be able to watch them conveniently.

The best way to gain access to the information is to convert the format. You can download the videos first and then convert them to other formats, including mp3. In some Youtube converter, you can choose the final format outcome. In some, however, they may only cater to one format only – mp3 format only or mp4 only. There are several apps that you can use to convert those videos. You may need to download some, but most converters are operating online. It means that you don’t have to download anything. Simply access the app online and you can get the results that you want.

Legal Consideration

Before you start with this activity, you should know whether it is legal or illegal to do the conversion. It all depends on the videos. If you want to download and then convert your own videos, that’s totally fine. It’s completely legal. If you have the non-copyrighted and public domain videos, it is also legal. But if you choose the copyrighted ones, then it would be illegal to download and convert them without the permission from the owners. So, tread this issue carefully.

How to Download and Convert the Videos

So, how to download Youtube videos to mp3? As it was mentioned before, there are many online converters that can help you without you having to download anything. Here are the basic steps:

  • Go to the search engine and type Youtube video downloader and converter online
  • Then you will be given lists of available apps
  • Choose one of them
  • Copy the link of the Youtube video you want to download and then paste it to the downloader/converter
  • If there are options for the formats, resolutions, where the outcome should be stored, etc, you can do it
  • Once you are done with the tweaks, you can click the button for ‘Download’ or ‘Convert’ or ‘Execute’
  • Just wait. It generally takes a few minutes for the download and the conversion to happen
  • When the process is done, your file should be stored within the designated area that you have set before
  • Try it and have a test. What about the quality of the sound? It is clear? Can you hear everything well? Can you copy it to other devices or places?
  • Then you can try another Youtube video links

Which Converter to Choose?

It doesn’t matter which converter to choose because most of them are able to do several things altogether: They can download. They can convert. They can be adjusted (quality, resolution, size, etc). If you have chosen an app and it doesn’t fit your requirements, go with the others. After all, you will have plenty of options from those lists of apps. Now that you know how to download Youtube videos to mp3, it shouldn’t be a problem anymore to convert your favorite videos to audio files.

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